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The patented NIMBLE™ Platform helps you reach more customers and deliver your message to the right people at the right time, with 3Di, iCirca Network sensory, and LEO Satellite GPS ads. Every business has a worldwide audience on the patented NIMBLE™ Platform.

Here’s what you get:

  • All ad placements are bundled (mobile, web, social media and NIMBLE Marketplace); selectable by region

    and include:

    – Free placement  on the web and social media
    – Free placement at regional events( over 10,000 festivals, concerts, sporting events, conferences, etc…)
    – Brick and Mortar(presence at over 29,000,000 physical locations)
    – Free placement on Be NIMBLE, i
    nterfacing to over a billion global shoppers, in 72 countries
    – Placement in every type of transportation in the region(cruise lines, taxis, trains, buses, rideshare/UBER/ LYFT, airports, etc…)

Here’s what you pay:

  • All ad placements are selectable by region at $100 per month

Here’s the process:

  • Enter your video and image URLs
  • Enter the URL location of your specials or discounts
  • Enter the date on which to start your ad campaign
  • Choose your region or multiple regions
  • Finalize payment. It’s all just that easy…….

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