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The patented NIMBLE™ Platform  is a global 3D interactive, iCirca, and LEOSat shopping alliance that registers, catalogs and presents actual discounted and on sale items, at local, national, or international stores; including service providers, and top retail chains. The days of sifting through site after site to find the best deals are over.

With the NIMBLE™ Platform you can instantly view available items near you, and those that are available anywhere else on the planet. There are over a billion users capable of connecting to the NIMBLE™ Platform, as we are collaborating with more than 72 countries…over 27,000 stores worldwide…..over 1 billion products…..the list grows daily.

As a shopper, or attendee(festival, conference, fair, concert)…. NIMBLE Mobile App Info Page.… can connect on your desktop or mobile device(laptop, notebook, tablet or phone) and find items by category, store or brand – for free. For more discounts, rewards, freebies, and our NOVA FAST PASS™, download the MOBILE APP .

Have an item for sale yourself- whether individual or company? Upload the item picture and/or video ad link, with description; and share the NIMBLE™ mobile app with your NIMBLE™ friends and shoppers. The ads can appear on either our 3Di displays,  iCirca Network, or both, as well as, on our website, and social media! Always Be NIMBLE™

The 3Di ™ and iCirca™ Networks

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Be NIMBLE™ – Global Shopping Alliance