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When you shop using the NIMBLE Global Shopping Alliance, you receive discounts
Discount Coupon
and deals from merchants all over the planet.

These deals are provided whether you are:
locating stores online

Woman shopping on computer

Shopper Be Nimble 10

                                               or on your mobile device.

However, to receive the additional deals, you must  sign up for FREE, and as a shopper, or attendee(festival, conference, concert, fair), or when you are in the presence of :

a 3Di machine or an iCirca sensor or LEO Satellite

3Di box 02-12-15

3Di Sensors 02-12-15

You will have specials, promotions, and rewards appear on your mobile device; which when acted upon, will give you additional discounts on whatever items the merchant is providing at the time.

So, as you enter one of our locations, please turn on the Bluetooth Smart on your device and


Be NIMBLE™ – Global Shopping Alliance